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Breezeline, Network Technician
(March 2020 – Present)
Orchestrating seamless commercial fiber deployments and collaborating across teams showcases my prowess in navigating complex design processes. Supporting internal IT and telephony needs has honed my user-centric approach, crucial in UX/UI design. Troubleshooting network systems and ensuring bug-free software performance underscores my attention to detail. My experience in team-based network solutions design demonstrates systemic thinking essential in design contexts.

ASE Telecom (University of Miami/Medical Campus), Network Technician
(February 2017 – March 2020)
Maintaining and configuring network equipment reflects my meticulous approach—ideal for creating user-friendly interfaces. Collaborating with network engineers exemplifies my collaborative problem-solving, vital for cross-functional design projects. Analyzing technical issues, communicating system performance, and adapting to upgrades align well with user-centered design principles.

Best IT Providers, IT Field Technician
(April 2016 – February 2017)
Troubleshooting hardware and software, installing OS, crafting network configurations, and delivering software solutions are testament to my technical problem-solving and adaptability essential for UX/UI design. My user-centric focus, understanding of diverse platforms, and commitment to safety are reflected directly in design practices. Translating technical concepts into user-friendly interfaces is another strength crucial in design.


Workforce Institute
UX/UI Design Bootcamp
Summer 2023 – Winter 2023

Coder House
Adobe and Brand Identity Bootcamp
Summer 2022 – Winter 2022

Western Governors University
B.S. in Software Engineer
Fall 2019 – Spring 2025

CBT College
Associate of Science
Network Administration
Honors Program 4.0 GPA
Spring 2015 – Spring 2017



Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator

Adobe XD

Google Workspace

Microsoft office Suite


User research and Interviews
User Flows
Information Architecture
Interaction Design
Wireframing and Prototyping
A/B Testing
Visual Design
Cross-functional collaboration
Basic Programming (HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Python)

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